Wishlist: Raspberry Pi 512MB

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With the recent release of the latest Raspberry Pi (512MB version), I thought it would be fitting to add it the Wishlist. This newest version was announced just this week and I was fortunate enough to snag one before they sold out. If you’ve thought about diving into Linux and physical computing, this beauty would be the perfect gateway. Really, for me it’s become greatly addictive. Also, it would be an awesome gift to get someone started. The minimum requirements for it is a 4GB or greater SD card and a 5v power supply. A monitor or a TV with HDMI isn’t necessary; you could run it headless. You can also get some really cool accessories like cases (like the Pibow below), WiFi cards, USB hubs, or some breakouts for the GPIO. Newark and Adafruit …

Wishlist: Wearable Electronics

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Side-stepping from holiday gift and wish lists, I thought it would be fun to share some products off my personal wishlist. So what exactly are wearable electronics? Some might refer to them as e-textiles, wearable tech, tech togs, or fashion electronics. Essentially, these are electronic components incorporated into clothing and accessories. You can make a simple baseball cap come alive with some LEDs or spruce up the back of that old denim vest with a mini light show. Design ideas are endless. And with so many projects and tutorials already out there, it’s easy so get started! breakdance One kit that’s on my list is the ProtoSnap – LilyPad Development Board available from SparkFun. From SparkFun’s listing:The ProtoSnap LilyPad Simple Development board is a great way …

Wishlist: Solar Charger & Battery Pack

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Last Thursday, we showcased a tent designed to look like a circuit board. Incidentally, this week’s wishlist item is sold at outdoor sport stores, for campers and hikers alike. But it doesn’t have to be used just for camping. On the contrary, the Solar Charger & Battery Pack sold on SparkFun, can be hacked! It could be greatly utilized to power microcontrollers as an environmental logger, or as an on the go power source for projects, or even power a small robot. Really, there are so many possible uses. Check out sparkfun’s product showcase, where Robert disassembles the pack at 1:40. Reasonably priced, this neat solar charger would make a great gift for campers and hackers, or both!

Wishlist: Circuit Board Tent

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Check out this neat limited edition circuit board tent from FieldCandy. It would be awesomely ironic to use while camping! The holidays are approaching, what’s on your wishlist? Each Thursday, from now until January, we will be featuring list-worthy products to help you decide on gifts for your family/friends or for yourself! Of course, we’re open to accepting gifts too…  Stay posted for more ideas!