Wishlist: Solar Charger & Battery Pack

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Last Thursday, we showcased a tent designed to look like a circuit board. Incidentally, this week’s wishlist item is sold at outdoor sport stores, for campers and hikers alike. But it doesn’t have to be used just for camping. On the contrary, the Solar Charger & Battery Pack sold on SparkFun, can be hacked! It could be greatly utilized to power microcontrollers as an environmental logger, or as an on the go power source for projects, or even power a small robot. Really, there are so many possible uses.

Check out sparkfun’s product showcase, where Robert disassembles the pack at 1:40.

Reasonably priced, this neat solar charger would make a great gift for campers and hackers, or both!

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  1. I just about bought one yesterday, but noticed a bunch of the comments expressing concerns. One, that it couldn't charge itself very quickly via solar, but more importantly, that it wouldn't provide much current to power you USB devices.

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