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Finally, the move has been made! Goodbye Blogger, hello Wrodpress! I have wanted and have tried to do this for quite some time. Mostly because Blogger is quite limited and you never know when Google will axe it. The main reason for this migration is that I simply wanted the flexibity of Cornerstone ( which I have the pleasure of using over at Cornerstone is the missing piece to WordPress. Without it, writing in WordPress can be limited and a bit plain for my tastes.

I started the process of setting up the new site and migrating all the posts last year. The trick is to make sure the old url structure still works to maintain page rank and not invalidate other links across the web. Thanks to a few guides on the web, I was able to make a smooth transistion.

So here‘s to 2017 and the new MobileWill blog. I hope with this new setup I can bring my blogging to the next level with better content to help the makers and hackers!

Plugin I used:
Fix image locations:
Main site I used:


In the end, I realized that I would be stuck with the Blogger URL structure which isn‘t really SEO friendly with the .html at the end. So long story short, I used the redirection plugin to fix and redirect links to a proper SEO URL. I switched to %postname% instead of being proceeded by year/month. I would have rathered had the categorty in the URL but the Simply 301 redirect pluging wasn‘t working at all. The redirection plugin I ended up using supports regex and 404 monitoring which allowed me to fix invalid URLs as they come up.

Redirection Plugin:

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