Who am I?

Welcome, dear traveler of the Interwebs! If you are reading this, you are not a bot. However, if you are a bot, watch out! I may just disassemble you. I’ve been known to take apart things. As a tireless seeker of knowledge, I have always been interested in how things work and I now have an interest in making my own creations.


A brief history…

As a child, I always took things apart to see how they would tick. It reminds me of Sylar on the popular TV show Heroes. I could stare at a circuit board for hours on end, just studying the traces and each component they connected to. Thankfully, I was able to put things back together and they still worked. I was the type that would lay screws out the way they came out so they could return to their home, even if it was the same screw type. Sometimes I would break a plastic tab or two and that was frustrating. I really wanted to put it back together like it was never touched! Unfortunately the way things are made these days, that can be very challenging. Through the years I have had various projects, mostly PC, server or software related. I have come to the realization that I really like working with hardware. This might explain why I liked networking so much since it was a combination of hardware and software sitting on top but at a lower level unlike a PC.

Back to the future…

Fast forward to now and you’ll still find me tinkering away, but this time in my home office where I run my shop, FriedCircuits. My goal is to provide functional tools for the everyday Maker. I design, program and build all of our products.

Thank you for journeying across the Interwebs and reading a bit about me, MrMobileWill and my ramblings! I hope what you find you here is helpful, inspiring or just plain interesting.


Oh and one more thing, support Bitcoin! I truly believe it’s the future!