New Product: Dual Resonator

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Overview Sometimes you need 8Mhz and other times, 16Mhz. This Dual resonator makes sure you have both always on hand. Easy to breadboard at a moments notice. Just flick the switch for the speed you need! Included 1x PCB 1x 16Mhz Resonator 1x 8Mhz Resonator 1x DPDT SMD Switch 1x 3pin header Requires some soldering mostly through hole. Even though the switch is SMD it is easy to solder. Purchase: Tindie or FriedCircuits

Blinky POV SMT

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A short time after posting about the Blinky GRID SMT build I received an email from They had seen my build post and really liked it, especially the videos and pictures! I had mentioned that I was looking at getting their Blinky POV SMT kit so to say thanks they offered to send me one. I was super excited! Here’s my build. The Blinky POV SMT is similar to the Blinky GRID but it only has one row of LEDs. By waving the   Blinky in the air you can see the design/text due to the effect of persistence of vision. This happens because your retina sees the image slightly longer than it is being displayed. Read more about persistence of vision. Last Thursday I came home and …

Blink Grid SMT

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While browsing the Maker Shed at the Maker Faire, I came across the Blink Grid SMT and I instantly thought this is what I have been looking for. For awhile now I have looked for a kit to practice surface mount soldering. Until now I’ve tried to win a FreePCB coupon from but haven’t won yet. Good thing someone misplaced it at the Maker Shed since I didn’t see the bin with SMT kits. Here are a few pictures of the build process from yesterday and a video of my first time doing drag soldering. The tip I used for drag soldering I won from Thanks, Ian! The kit is designed by Wayne and Layne. For more information visit …