Blink Grid SMT

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While browsing the Maker Shed at the Maker Faire, I came across the Blink Grid SMT and I instantly thought this is what I have been looking for. For awhile now I have looked for a kit to practice surface mount soldering. Until now I’ve tried to win a FreePCB coupon from but haven’t won yet. Good thing someone misplaced it at the Maker Shed since I didn’t see the bin with SMT kits.

Here are a few pictures of the build process from yesterday and a video of my first time doing drag soldering. The tip I used for drag soldering I won from Thanks, Ian!

The kit is designed by Wayne and Layne. For more information visit

The kit came together pretty smooth except for that one capacitor you can see in the picture. I tired to go back and fix it but decided I didn’t want to make it worse. The only issue I have now is my success rate of programming it via their website, Today I had better success than last night. Most of the time if finishes the program but doesn’t see the end of the stream and just waits for more instructions instead of saving the program.  I would recommend the kit to anyone who wants to try their hand at surface mount soldering.

Now that I have successfully soldered this kit I want to get their Blink POV kit. Plus I will start incorporating SMD’s in my future projects and designs.

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