USB Tester Firmware and Java App Update

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It’s been awhile since there has been an update to the firmware or the Java app. I have been working on them on and off for a few months now and I am finally at point for a release. Both the firmware and the Java app have some significant and important changes. I hope this brings some useful changes and lays the groundwork for future updates. Now onto the details… Arduino Yun booting and running OLED Adafruit Test Sketch – USB data not connected to PC Java App: Start of changelog  Uses temp file instead of memory for better long term logging  Able to resume unsaved session  Remote control of USB Tester display  Option to stop updating graph for …

USB Tester and the DigiSpark Pro

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After supporting the DigiX on Kickstarter, I have become a fan of DigiStump. So what better way to support them than buy stuff? I supported their new Kickstarter this year for the DigiSpark Pro. I got the beta kit which they made at their office and it came with the extras along with being shipped sooner. I posted about the details earlier: I finally got around to doing some basic power testing with the USB Tester. I took this picture just before our vacation. Running the basic blink sketch its using about 22mA. Which is less then an Arduino Uno.

New Product: USB Tester 2.0 Bundle!

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After months of development, the USB Tester 2.0 Bundle has arrived! Currently available on Tindie and soon on USB Tester Bundle 2.0USB Tester Backpack 2.0 The bundle includes both a new version of the Backpack and USB Tester. At this time, the new USB Tester is only available with the bundle. New on Backpack Micro USB Button Location on the front left 128×64 OLED Display (Double height of the 1.x version, easier to source) Voltage monitoring of the USB Data lines Easier access to almost all the extra GPIO’s New on USB Tester Micro USB Separated voltage test points (Easier to attach test clips and avoid misplacing jumper) Better labeling Standard Dual Banana spacing 0.75in Standard test probe sized …

New Product: Dual Resonator

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Overview Sometimes you need 8Mhz and other times, 16Mhz. This Dual resonator makes sure you have both always on hand. Easy to breadboard at a moments notice. Just flick the switch for the speed you need! Included 1x PCB 1x 16Mhz Resonator 1x 8Mhz Resonator 1x DPDT SMD Switch 1x 3pin header Requires some soldering mostly through hole. Even though the switch is SMD it is easy to solder. Purchase: Tindie or FriedCircuits


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In my recent experience with the ATtiny2313, I had problems with the serial communication at 8Mhz. Which in turn my research led me to learning about tuning the internal oscillator. The ATtiny is a small microcontroller by Atmel, the same company that makes the ATmega328p in the Arduino UNO. It doesn’t have all the features but it is cheap and great for embedding in projects. Here is a link to more info on them: . The great part is that there is a add-on for the Arduino IDE called Arduino-Tiny. This way you can use the same code with the ATtiny’s. After some trial and error and some help from the forms, I was able to figure out how to …

FriedCircuits Now Live!

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We’d like to welcome you to our grand opening of our new online store,! Over the past few months, we have diligently worked toward creating a one-stop-shop that offers tools & parts for sale as well as detailed documentation. There we hope to provide new products, tutorials and share FriedCircuits related projects.  Fear not! This here blog will remain active, and host most of MobileWill’s personal projects and such. After all, it is through this blog that we were able to grow many ideas and tools that helped launched our FriedCircuits tindie shop (which we still plan to support)! Speaking of supporting – we’d like to thank all of our supporters for helping us succeed to where we are …

OLED Backpack New Features

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Recently, the OLED Backpack has gone through a few updates and it has come to be quite a new tool! Thanks to Edouard Lafargue for all his hard work, he has made the OLED Backpack extra amazing. New features: Auto scaling (can change scale range in code) Multiple Screens – Short button press Scope View Energy Readings Peak and Min values Large font for each of the 3 readings (Voltage, Watts, Amperes) Amperes display auto adjusts decimal Button resets peak, min and energy counts Check out Edouard’s review You can get the latest version on Github: You can buy the OLED Backpack on

VA Tester Fundraiser is Live!

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After designing and constructing both USB Tester and the OLED Backpack, this next tool was naturally conceived. Introducing the VA Tester, a device similar to the USB Tester. However, unlike its counterpart, the VA Tester allows you to use it inline with almost any project. Additionally, it makes the OLED Backpack twice as useful. The VA Tester allows you to monitor up to 26VDC at ±3.2A Max. This gives you a wide range of possibilities. Using the screw terminals, you can attach bare wire or jumper wires without having to solder, making for quick and easy connections. Another useful change from the USB Tester is the replacement of the banana connectors to standard sized test points that fit most of your DMM probes. Here …