New Product: USB Tester 2.0 Bundle!

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After months of development, the USB Tester 2.0 Bundle has arrived!

Currently available on Tindie and soon on

USB Tester Bundle 2.0
USB Tester Backpack 2.0

The bundle includes both a new version of the Backpack and USB Tester. At this time, the new USB Tester is only available with the bundle.

New on Backpack
  • Micro USB
  • Button Location on the front left
  • 128×64 OLED Display (Double height of the 1.x version, easier to source)
  • Voltage monitoring of the USB Data lines
  • Easier access to almost all the extra GPIO’s

New on USB Tester
  • Micro USB
  • Separated voltage test points (Easier to attach test clips and avoid misplacing jumper)
  • Better labeling
  • Standard Dual Banana spacing 0.75in
  • Standard test probe sized test points

New Firmware Features (Will be available for 1.x version)
  • Peaks
  • mWh and mAh tracking
  • Big Readout Display
  • JSON for serial communications

Updated Java App (Beta)
  • Implemented JSON over serial
  • Will save as CSV
  • Add display of new data values
  • Working on graphing some of the new data

We’d like to thank Ed for all of his help and contributions.

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