ZenMiner: RPI Temps

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The first week of the Fury’s (Zeus Blizzard) Scrypt miners from GAWMiners came with a free ZenController. It’s basically a Raspberry Pi, case and a memory card that is setup ready to mine using ZenMiners cloud service. Simplifies the process of setting up mining without a computer.

Yesterday I had an issue with the network connection to my ZenController and I noticed the Raspberry Pi was warmer than I am used too with others. Upon inspection, I realized the bottom label is covering the only holes for ventilation. There isn’t any on top or sides. Even without the label there should be vents on top like most cases.

If you get one of these, the first thing you want to do it either remove the label or poke holes. I took the Raspberry Pi out so I could line the holes up with this pick tool I use for everything. One of the most versatile tools. I think it came with a Radio Shack computer toolkit I got 10+ years ago. Not sure what it is technically called. Toothpick? Prodwhatchamacallit?

Here are some pictures of the holes:


By the way, if you order anything from GAWMiners please click one of the banners or the link in the post first and that will help support the blog. Every sale gives back a little something and that really helps. Thanks!

Update: New shipments will have this issue corrected.

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