Windows 8 developer preview (download now)

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Windows 8 Developer Preview is available for download now!

From Engadget

Got a brain full of Windows 8? Can’t stop obsessing about it? Fret not — as of 8PM PT this evening (just under eight hours from now), you’ll be able to download a copy of the Windows Developer Preview to your 32- or 64-bit x86 machine (no activation required) from Sorry, ARM hopefuls! Per usual, we’d recommend doing so on a separate partition (or a spare machine altogether) in order to prevent unforeseen conflicts, and we’d also suggest having a stiff glass of patience waiting nearby. Something tells us Redmond’s servers are going to be hammered.”
Update: The download is live! Click here to try it out yourself, while the slightly less daring can hang on for our first impressions of Microsoft’s latest and greatest once we’ve installed and given it a try.

I just finished downloading it and I am going to try it in a Virtual Machine. 

Let me know if you are trying it, what you think and where you are installing it.

UPDATE: I have it running in a Virtual Box Virtual Machine set with a 1GB of RAM and so far so good. I just wish I had a touchscreen to try it on. This will awesome to have it running my HP Touchpad! I hope the ARM version can run win32 apps, but probably not. I can set the RAM higher but I wanted to see how well it runs with a 1GB. I install the 64bit Developer ISO. I probably won’t right any apps but you never know. 

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