Blogging from 37000ft with GoGo Air!

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Just wanted to drop a quick post, just to say I have blogged from 37000ft. Currently flying over Utah to Dallas  from San Francisco with a final destination in Dayton, OH.

Thanks to GoGOAir I am able to do this. Their service works pretty well and enjoying it. I do have to say that web browsing is great but doing a speed test not so much. I was getting less then .3Mbps which is nothing compared to normal mobile broadband which is what you are supposed to get. Of course it could be just the amount of people using internet right now. Its a full 737 so lots of people on board.

Currently we are traveling at 540Mph.

I will have WiFi on my second leg and on the return trip if anyone has questions or want me to try anything. I will try some video streaming and see if that is possible but I doubt it, maybe audio will be fine.

Forgive any grammar and spelling errors since I don’t have my editor around to check my post.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and don’t forget to follow me.

Edit: Forgot to add the best deal for people who don’t fly often is the 24hr pass. Its $12.95 but on sale this weekend for $9.95. So I bought 2 passes.

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  1. Hi MrMobileWill. How can I reach you and ask question ? Do you check the comments for the questions ? There may be few in next months when I start to build my robot πŸ™‚

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