Week of 07/24/2011 and 07/31/2011

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Even though this week isn’t over, I still wanted to post my current progress since during the week of July 17, most of my time was spent packing for Comic-Con in San Diego. It was an awesome trip and I will probably post pictures soon. I wasn’t able to blog about it or my robot again last week because with travelling, plus that many people at the Con, and lack of sleep, illness struck so I was out sick most of the week.

So far, this week, I was able to make some progress. Me and my girlfriend have started a schedule to get us back into a weeknight routine so that we can work on projects and other to-do’s that get set aside.

Last night I decided to work on the website and add video camera control buttons. After a lot of research I was able to add buttons that increment the angle. The thing that made it difficult was to retain the current position during each HTTP post. I ended up using Session State to store the values. This sets the framework for storage other variables for other functionally. In the future I may use Application State so that if more than one user is using it or I come back to the camera it won’t jump and instead it will continue where it left off. I will post some pictures of the site so far in another post.

The rest of the week and probably next week as well, I will be adding more commands to the site so that I can start testing remote control from work.

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