USB Tester OLED Backpack: Surprise Feature 2

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Last month we released the USB Tester for measuring voltage and current of your USB project and devices. This tool made it easier to connect your digital multi-meter for measurement. You can read the full product description here: This month we are working on releasing a OLED Adapter backpack. This will allow you to view the voltage and current without the need for a DMM.

I recently released the first feature here: I wanted to announce another feature that the OLED Backpack will have.

During development I came up with the idea to add a threshold warning LED. The threshold value is set using the desktop Java application. Once the current reaches the threshold value the LED will stay on until it falls below. I think this will be a helpful feature when prototyping projects, especially if you are trying to reduce power consumption and you want to test different code functions.

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