USB Tester OLED Backpack: Surprise Feature 1

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Last month we released the USB Tester, a tool for measuring voltage and current of your USB project and devices. This tool made it easier to connect your digital multi-meter for measurement. You can read the full product description here: This month we are working on releasing an OLED Adapter backpack. This will allow you to view the voltage and current without the need for a DMM. Today I wanted to announce one of the features that the OLED Backpack will have.

The backpack will have a USB connection to power the microcontroller and display but it will also be able to data log the voltage and current usage via a desktop application. If you watched the Adafruit Show and Tell on 01/19/2013, then you already had a sneak peak.

The application is written in Java for cross platform compatibility. It consist of three graphs which display current, voltage, and wattage over time. Once you are done logging you can save the results to a comma delimited text file.

Stay tuned over the next few days to hear about other upcoming features.

Thanks for your support. You can view our product listings at as well as keep an eye out for our fundraiser to launch the OLED backpack.

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