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Yesterday I received my Chronos sport swatch from Ti. I saw a post on HackaDay about Tideals.com. At half off of the original price, I just couldn’t pass up ordering a new gadget to play with. After doing some research before I ordered it, I ended up getting the Ti LaunchPad for $4.30 as well. A MSP430 dev board. For the price, why not? Plus both included shipping.

Here is the LaunchPad:

And the Chronos:

Now just to figure out want to do with them. I started messing with the Chronos last night and it defiantly isn’t as easy to get started as the Arduino but I am sure I will get comfortable with it after some time.

I was thinking since I will be flying next week, my first project would be data logging pressure changes during a flight. As it turns out, I can do it with the included software.

Once I get some time I will have to try the “hello world” to get started and familiar with the tools and processes.

So far, I haven’t found any sites that provide help with getting started right out of the box and uploading your first code. I want to add some basic stuff while keeping the original in tact. I have my workspace started with the stock code so far. Time to do some dissecting….

If anyone knows of some good sites post them in the comments.

Off to do some coding!

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  1. Now you need another wireless module for the security bot. Then you can program it to follow you (really, your watch) around…

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