LED Matrix Master Fundraiser on Tindie

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LED Matrix Master

You can support the fundraiser here: https://tindie.com/products/FriedCircuits/led-matrix-master/

Over the next two weeks we will be running a fundraiser to “kick start” the LED Matrix Master. If successful, the PCBs will be ordered and it should be about 3-4 weeks to start shipping. Thanks for your support. Each fundraiser you support helps build FriedCircuits and fuels development of new products. We have a few more designs in the works including entry into the home automation field. If there are any ideas you would like to see, feel free to contact us. The LED Matrix Master is a microcontroller (Arduino compatible Atmega328p) in the same form factor as the LED Matrix Link. After programming you can easily mate it with the matching headers to a string of LED Matrix Links. Instead of tying up one of your development microcontrollers you can dedicate the LED Matrix Master to do the job. The small size allows it to be hidden away or connected directly without wires, just power.


 • Atmega328p @ 16MHz with Arduino bootloader

 • 5v operation (Could be run at 3.3, but slightly out of spec at 16MHz.)

 • FTDI Headers

 • All unused GPIO’s available

 • ICSP footprint

 • Preloaded with demo sketch

 • Can be used as standalone microcontroller for other projects

 • Code examples on friedcircuits.us


 • 1x PCB with SMD components soldered

 • 1x Right angle male FTDI header

 • 1x 5p right angle female header

You can support the fundraiser here: https://tindie.com/products/FriedCircuits/led-matrix-master/

If you need the LED Matrix Links you can find them here: https://www.tindie.com/products/FriedCircuits/led-matrix-link/

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