LED Matrix Link, Wedding, Twitter, and WiFly

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I just wanted to make a quick post about the LED Matrix Display project. This past week I received a WiFly Shield from Sparkfun.com. This will allow more flexibility at the wedding as I am not sure how I am going to setup Internet access. The most difficult part of the WiFly shield was getting a working library to compile on the Arduino Due as it is a new microcontroller and the Arduino IDE 1.5.2 is still in beta.

LED Matrix Links, Arduino Due and SFE WiFly Shield

After trying the Sparkfun library and not being able to compile, I commented on someone with the same issue. After talking back and forth he had a forked library that ended up working. The great people at Sparkfun were able to fix the errors on that Monday. The only thing you have to edit is WiFly.h and add this line to the top of the file. This is only for the Arduino Due on either library.”#define PSTR(x)  x”

Here is the awesome library:


The Sparkfun one should work now too.

Here is a link to the ported Ethernet to WiFly code on github.

Also since the Arduino Due only has SPI on the ICSP pins you need to jumper the pins over instead of putting the shield on top. Here is the pin mapping. https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35187

Now all that is left, is to make a display stand which we are doing when my Best Man comes into town.

Enjoy! Hope this can help others out with their projects.

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