Windows tells you to hard power off?

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I have repaired computers for many years and dealt with many users and I don’t know how many times I have told someone its not a good idea to hard power off your computer. Fast forward to Windows 7 and now I guess its okay to do.

I usually have a lot of applications and browser tabs open so I dislike restarting and get annoyed when I forced to for updates or stability. Good thing Chrome is really good about restoring tabs! I think computers should be able to update and restart parts as need so you don’t have to ever full restart. I am one who keeps my system on 24/7. You never know when you need something.

Last night my girlfriend was going to work on a logo for this blog so we fired up Photoshop and things got really slow after that and pretty much not responding. So I decided to try and kill Photoshop. After pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del, this is what I got after awhile of the system not responding to anything.

I was able to do a few times, so I had to follow the directions and hit the reset button while I cringed.

Anyone else seen this before? Really odd seeing windows telling to hard reset.

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