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I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of the first Security Robot. I am posting as much detail as possible as I find other blogs don’t post enough for people who want to get ideas and build something similar.

For the videos I used my phone via a webpage to control the robot. I also have a Windows app that can control it. I haven’t decided if I wanted to writing a Android app to control it. It would be a good learning experience for developing Android apps, but the web page is much easier to update and runs on any device.

The robot has 2 layers, bottom has gearbox, step-up and charger.
Second is the top with electronics, battery and breadboard in the middle, and camera with LED’s in the front. 

Close up of the rear that includes the electronics and testing breadboard. 

Rear view that shows the electronics and gearbox at the bottom.

Above is the charger I used from Adafruit Charger.

This shows the step-up I am using to go from 3.7 to 8v. Which powers the Arduino and the camera.
Close up of the step-up.

From bottom to top: Arduino Uno, Sparkfun Xbee w/shield, Adafruit Motor shield.

Basic dock using copper wrapping for pipes.

Charging contacts on the bottom of the robot.

Robot docked for charging.

Front with LED’s on.

Above shot with LED’s on and robot powered.

IR LED’s on the camera for night vision.

Side view of the step-up.

Please post any comments or suggestions about the project.

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