Raspberry Pi and CommandIR

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While reading an article the other day I had an idea formulate in my head. I have a older USB CommandIR Mini that has 4 emitters and 1 receiver. This would make a great use of the Raspberry Pi, a network based IR gateway. Originally it was only for Linux, but now it is supported in WinLIRC which I haven’t tired.

Newer version of mine

First thing was to do some research and see about getting it to work on the Raspberry Pi with an ARM CPU. So here is a run down of how I got it to work.

Rear ports
The only problems I have is I still can’t figure out is when I reboot I can’t get it to auto start LIRCD. I have to run lird at the prompt which then everything works. Now I am trying to configure my devices I would like to control like the Xbox and TV. So far I can’t get the Xbox to respond. I haven’t tried the TV yet or the receiver. Not sure yet what I will do with this functionality. First will probably be to make it web controlled and then make it part of my home automation. May some voice control?

If you need more help you can check their website http://www.commandir.com/content/view/83/96/ or email their support.

Let me know if you get it working and what you end up doing with it.

Images are from commandir.com

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