Maker Faire 2011

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It’s been four years since attending my first Maker Faire, and this year was great! Each year there are a lot of awesome projects, robotics, electronics, DIY, and the like. This particular year was even better since I am now becoming increasingly familiar with DIY robotics. I felt that I was able to relate to a lot of the content more so with having worked on my robotics project. Below are a few pictures and videos of some of the projects I saw at the faire.

Microchip’s ChipKit:

Listening to Massimo Banzi (Co-founder of Arduino) and Chris Anderson (Editor and Chief of Wired Magazine)

Surface ocean research robot(not sure of the name):

Google’s SKPR bot:

Master Chief:

DIYDrones and their ArduCopter:

Testing driving a Chevy Volt:

My girlfriend learning to solder:

Have you ever attended the Maker Faire or do you know of it? Check out MAKEzine now!

Did you make it this year? If so, what were some of your favorite projects?

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