Live Raspberry Pi Power Usage!

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Since the release of the Raspberry Pi, I have had one on my desk powered up. It’s my go to Pi that is always available on the network. It’s mostly running Python stuff and eXtplorer. After all this time, I have always wondered what it really costs to keep a Pi powered up 24/7/365. Then one evening, it dawned on me, I have the USB Tester why not use that? Doh! One thing lead to another and I realized why not log the serial output to the Pi itself.

Using my existing Python code for logging motion to CosmXiviely, in one night, I could easily set it up to log the RPi power usage to the cloud. Pretty freaking sweet, right!? (My wife popped into our home office to check if I was okay as I was using a lot of !!!.)

Below you’ll see the embedded live graphs of the RPi running. Currently it is updated every 20 secs but this image is rendered only on page load.

Here is the link to the live data on xiviely


Just remember to enter your API and Feed ID. Also chmod +x Makes it easier to run.

Not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner!

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