Freescale Freedom-KL25Z has arrived

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A few months ago I jumped on the pre-order impluse buy for the Freescale Freedom-KL25Z. Thankfully I had forgotten about it until I recieved shipment notification. It was nice that I didn’t have to wait too long. Today it as arrived. Here are some close-up pictures – thought it would be nice to have some since there doesn’t seem to be any up yet.

If you would like to get one, I ordered it from

Here are the specifications as listed on Newark’s website. I cannot wait to start playing with it!

FYI: If you order it now, I am pretty sure you don’t get the headers. The orginal listing was a prototype board with headers and when they released the final version, it didn’t have headers, so they included them with the pre-orders at no extra cost.

Board Features:

  • KL25Z128VLK4—Cortex-M0+ MCU with:
    • 128KB flash, 16KB SRAM
    • Up to 48MHz operation
    • USB full-speed controller
  • OpenSDA—sophisticated USB debug interface
  • Tri-color LED
  • Capacitive touch “slider”
  • Freescale MMA8451Q accelerometer
  • Flexible power supply options
    • Power from either on-board USB connector
    • Coin cell battery holder (optional population option)
    • 5V-9V Vin from optional IO header
    • 5V provided to optional IO header
    • 3.3V to or from optional IO header
  • Reset button
  • Expansion IO form factor accepts peripherals designed for Arduino™-compatible hardware

Freescale Freedom-KL25Z

Freescale Freedom-KL25Z – Front

Freescale Freedom-KL25Z – Front

Freescale Freedom-KL25Z – Rear

Freescale Freedom-KL25Z – Size Comparasion
Freescale Freedom-KL25Z – Headers

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