Finally, it has arrived! (Late Post)

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It was the afternoon of November 25, we had finished our Black Friday shopping and had finally gained some needed sleep. I was anxiously awaiting for the mail carrier to deliver my order from BatchPCB. I checked the mailbox to find my anticipated package had finally arrived. I hurried inside, ripped open the envelope, and found not one but two beautiful PCB’s. Being it the Thanksgiving weekend and wanting to take good pictures, I wasn’t able to start using the boards until Sunday evening. Because playing a new Xbox title took precedence. With the weekend coming to a close I had to at least get something completed. My photographer (fiance) was able to take pictures before I started going at it with the soldering iron. 
Here are the boards, untouched:

After testing the board I started assembly:

Completed PCB:

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  1. I came her because of your recent comment on Hack-A-Day.
    This board is really well done. You said you cam a long way up to the point where you could design your own board. That really motivated me in my strive to keep on working. Thanks.

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