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Today I received a few packages but one of them contained the ArduRF from Kickstarter. This campaign was short and sweet. I received the reward thirty-three days after it ended. You can read about the details from their Kickstarter but it’s an Atmega328p (Arduino Uno) with the RFM69 embedded. One has a USB A connector that can plug directly into your PC. This can act like a base station/receiver. This will replace my node connected to an FTDI cable to my Ubuntu VM. Using the JeeNode library in compatibility mode, the RFM69 should work with the RFM12B radios until I completely transition over. The other is similar to an Arduino Pro Mini but longer with the addition of a JST LiPo battery connector with the charging circuit and a mini USB for programming. These are great boards to add to your network or to get you started with low power RF. Plus they are very well priced. I look forward to diving in and posting more about these.

Check them out! You can find them on their site or Happy tinkering!

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  1. "Also, the ArduRF1 and ArduRF1s can operate from a DC input as high as 42V (45V absolute maximum) without running very hot and charge the battery at 400mA.

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