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As I was looking for some Z-Wave stuff on Amazon, I saw an awesome deal on the Quirky Egg Minder. It was selling at a reduced price for only fifteen bucks – so total impulse buy! Also, my reasoning to buy just about any gadget is for future blogging. Makes sense, right? I ordered via Amazon Prime on a Friday and received on Sunday. Pretty, sweet! Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice modern packaging. The Egg Minder is a WiFi cloud enabled device to manage your eggs. You know, the of farm-fresh variety. No more are the days of counting your eggs. Not only does it keep count, but it keeps track of freshness by indicating which eggs are the oldest to use first. This is indicated by a blue LED.



Now all you have to do is install the Wink app and it will guide you though setting it up and connecting to the Egg Minder to your WiFi. The app programs the Wink with your SSID by flashing the phone display just like the old Timex Datalink watch.


Huzzah, you now have some smart eggs! It uses optical sensors to detect if there is an egg placed in each spot and how fresh they are. Now if I can hack it and integrate it with openHAB, I won’t have to rely on their cloud service. It looks like Vera has a custom plugin to link with Wink and supports Egg Minder. Now that’s an eggcellent idea!

Here’s a shot of the case in the fridge…it fits nicely under the cold-cut drawer. Also, my wife wishes for a SANPALLEGRINO tracker. Quirky, MAKE IT SO.

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