AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III Has Arrived!

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The time has finally come. Yesterday at 2:58pm Pacific Standard Time, I received the call from Best Buy that my phone would be ready in an hour. I couldn’t believe my ears, it was actually here! Good thing the call came closer to closing time because I wouldn’t have been able to wait all day. All I had to do is head home, dump my data, and do a factory reset it with the stock ROM. Once at the Best Buy store, the process was painless. The best part, other than getting the phone, is I got $260 for the Galaxy S II and I was able to price match the Galaxy S III for $150. Much easier than trying to sell it on …

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III in Store July 6th

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News at last! Keeping track of when and where the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available hasn’t exactly been the easiest thing to do, but we now finally have one more confirmation for those who prefer to do their business at AT&T’s stores. The carrier announced today that the phone will be available in-store on July 6th, where it’ll of course set you back the same $200 on a two-year contract. That’s also the day that you’ll be able to order online with overnight shipping, if the whole pre-order thing isn’t for you. VIA: Engadget MobileSOURCE: AT&T Consumer Blog

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Just wanted to make a quick post about the status of acquiring a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue. I have received the case from and a 32GB Micro SD card from MicroCenter, but I am still waiting to get the actual phone. If you have been following the failed launch of the Galaxy S III in the United States on XDA then you know of all the problems, bad communication and device shortages there have been in getting this phone. Over all Best Buy management has been supportive and doing their best to get me one, but worst case I should have one by the end of the week as they have 6-7 on order at my local store. Here on XDA …